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Aakkoset Aito & Hedelmäinen Duo 230g, 10-Pack

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Malaco Aakkoset Aito & Hedelmäinen Duo is a suitably small bag of fruity, soft candies that’s the perfect size. A mix of six fruity flavors with licorice (strawberry-licorice, raspberry-licorice, pineapple-licorice, mandarin-licorice, peach-licorice and apple-pear-licorice.).

Aakkoset Aito & Hedelmäinen Duo fruit wine gums are gelatin-free and contain only natural colors and flavorings. Perfect for the all candy lovers.

  • Manufacturer: Cloetta Suomi Oy (Finland)
  • Ingredients: fruit-based ingredients 51% (apple puree- 35% and pear juice concentrate 16%; strawberry- 0.1%, raspberry- 0.1%, blueberry- 0.05%, pomegranate- 0.05%, peach- 0.05%, mandarin - 0,05%, passion fruit 0,05% and pineapple juice from the concentrate 0,05%), sugar, glucose syrup, starch, ammonium chloride (salmiak), acid (citric acid), liquorice extract, natural flavorings, salt, coloring matter (bata , apple, blackcurrant, carrot, radish, radish concentrate, spirulina and cherry concentrate), vegetable oils (coconut, canola), surface treatment agent (carnauba wax), colors (curcumin, activated charcoal, paprika extract)
  • Nutritional Information (by manufacturer): energy kj 1462 (344 kcal), fat 0,4 g, saturated fatty acids 0,1 g, carbohydrates 83 g, sugar 55 g, protein 0 g, salt 0,16 g
  • Net Weight: 2,3 kg (81,13 oz)
  • Best Before: in stock only fresh products
  • EAN code: 6420256016336

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