About Us

Welcome to Scandinavian Goods!

Scandinavian Goods was established in Kerava (Southern Finland) and was registered in the Finnish Patent and Registration Office on 23/02/2010.

Our company specializes in the export of goods only of well-known Finnish and Scandinavian brands, which have gained prominence and popularity not only in Scandinavia but also far abroad. Today we serve customers from over 50 different countries, putting together and shipping orders all over the world.

By cooperating directly with manufacturers, we are able to engage in retail and wholesale trade guaranteeing our buyers the lowest price on the goods and services we offer.


Our business project

The purpose of our business project is to create the most universal platform for e-commerce, which would be available, interesting and beneficial for each consumer regardless of their location and size of the order.

It is where you could buy food and non-food products of Finnish and Scandinavian manufacturers, where you could order a gift for your friend and send it to another city (country), order a gift wrapping and a postcard, as well as make a customized order from Finland (for example, order a product, which is not in our catalogue, but is available on the Finnish market, please do not hesitate to contact us at:


Benefits of your cooperation with us

Why do you benefit more from cooperation with our company rather than with other companies?

Several factors are worth mentioning:

  • High quality of goods and services is our priority
  • All the goods offered by Scandinavian Goods meet all EU quality and environmental standards
  • Guarantee of the best price on the goods and services we offer
  • Our buyers get combined shipping discounts (the more you buy the more you save - save up to 99.9%)
  • The safest, most reliable and prompt customer service (we use state-of-the-art technology for scanning and anti-hacking on our website to protect your personal information and your money)
  • We set no limits, when you buy from our online store


      Principles and values of our company

      We are committed to high ethical principles, sincerity and transparency in any relations.

      Our main principles are:

      • Satisfying the needs of our buyers for high quality and environmentally friendly goods
      • Providing our buyers with the best service, always taking into account their opinions and wishes is the key to long-term and productive activity of our company on the market
      • Providing financial stability and career opportunities to all employees of the company
      • Developing the potential of employees leads to the future development of the company
      • Creating a comfortable psychological environment and friendly atmosphere, which contributes to unity and improved productivity
      • Shaping the sense of belonging to a common cause and the success of the company in employees


        Philosophy of our company

        • We aspire to diversify the lives of our buyers by offering a wide range of goods and services
        • We are offering our buyers the best prices on our goods and services
        • We respond to the needs and wishes of our customers quickly and effectively
        • We keep searching for more efficient and convenient ways of serving our customers
        • We build our business on providing our customers with a reliable and useful partner (us) in all aspects of our cooperation



          If you have any ideas about the development of our online store, a cooperation offer or other suggestions, please do not hesitate to contact us at: We are always open to new ideas and suggestions.

          Our door is open for each of you!

          Yours sincerely,

          Mr. Dzmitry Pazniak (owner & administrator)

          Scandinavian Goods