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Trekant Brungräddat 200g

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Leksands Knäckebröd Trekant Brungräddat / Triangle Brown Baked Crispbread

A brown baked knäckebröd has more fullness and taste. This is because it is baked longer in the oven. This is a bread for those who like musty taste. Triangle Bread is a round crispbread sliced into portions, perfect sandwich size. Triangles are packaged in small packets and are particularly suitable for those who want a variety of bread at home. Real enjoyment since 1817.

Leksands Knäckebröd is a traditional Swedish wholegrain rye bread. Since the bread is dry it can be stored for a very long time, several years if its stored right. Super versatile, you can have crispbread at every meal. Crushed over a bowl of yoghurt, maybe with some berries, for naturally low sugar, high fibre and delicious granola for breakfast. Topped with smoked salmon and cream cheese for lunch or used as a pizza base for dinner oh yes, crispbread pizza is a thing and it’s delicious.

  • Manufacturer: Leksands Knäckebröd AB (Sweden)
  • Ingredients: whole grains rye flour, water, yeast and salt
  • Nutritional Information (by manufacturer): energy kj 1324 (316 kcal), fat 2,2 g, saturated fatty acids 0,6 g, carbohydrates 62,7 g, sugar 0,9 g, protein 10,4 g, salt 0 g
  • Net Weight: 200 g (7,05 oz)
  • Best Before: in stock only fresh products
  • EAN code: 7312080004025

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