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Toms Mini Skildpadder 360g, 6-Pack

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Toms Mini Skildpadder

The classic Toms Mini Skildpadder is made of delicious dark chocolate and filled with a soft caramel and rum cream. The taste is as unique as the look and you have not been in the chocolate heaven until you have tasted this delicious piece of chocolate from Toms.

  • Manufacturer: Toms Confectionery Group A/S (Denmark)
  • Ingredients: sugar, glycine syrup, cocoa paste, condensed milk, cocoa butter, vegetable fat in filling, alcohol, emulsifier (raps lecithin), English syrup, salt, spirits (Jamaica Rome), aroma, thickener (pectin). Contains alcohol 1,5 % w/w
  • Nutritional Information (by manufacturer): energy kj 1947 (465 kcal), fat 19 g, saturated fatty acids 0 g, carbohydrates 66 g, sugar 0 g, protein 3 g, salt 0 g
  • Net Weight: 2,160 kg (76,19 oz)
  • Best Before: in stock only fresh products
  • EAN code: 5774540074559

For more information, please visit manufacturers website.

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