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Sisu Xylitol Salmiakki 36g, 24-Pack

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Sisu Xylitol Salmiakki - these Finnish pastilles are Finnish favorites packed with a salty licorice flavor. The Sisu pastille is named after the Finnish people and the name stands for courage, perseverance and bravery. For the Finns, the Sisu brand is part of the Finnish spirit that no other brand can replace. Sisulla siitä selviää. (With Sisu, you can do it).

  • Manufacturer: Cloetta Suomi Oy (Finland)
  • Ingredients: sweetening agents (26% of xylitol, maltitol syrup), a thickener (arabic gum), ammonium chloride (salmiak), liquorice, salt, flavorings, vegetable oils (coconut, palm), color (E153)
  • Nutritional Information (by manufacturer): energy kj 780 (190 kcal), fat 0,1 g, saturated fatty acids 0 g, carbohydrates 45 g, sugar 0 g, protein 1 g, salt 0,38 g.
  • Net Weight: 864 g (30,47 oz)
  • Best Before: in stock only fresh products
  • EAN code: 6420256001783

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