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Panda Lakka 290g, 6-Pack

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Panda Lakka - delicious dark chocolates with liquid cloudberry liqueur filling. The golden cloudberries give the chocolates a very special aroma of the northern nature. Fine Finnish chocolates for special occasions! A Finnish Favorite!

  • Manufacturer: Orkla Confectionery & Snacks Finland Ab
  • Ingredients: sugar, cocoa mass, cocoa butter, cloudberry extract (3,8 %), alcohol, emulsifier (lecithin), flavouring (vanillin). Contains alcohol 2,8 % w/w
  • Nutritional Information (by manufacturer): energy kj 1731 (411 kcal), fat 9,7 g, saturated fatty acids 5,8 g, carbohydrates 71 g, sugar 68 g, protein 1 g, salt 0,01 g
  • Net Weight: 1,74 kg (61,37 oz) 
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  • EAN code: 6412500005531

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