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Juhla Mokka Luomu 100g, 44-Pack

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Paulig Juhla Mokka Luomu is a full-bodied Fair Trade organic coffee with deliciously tasty and picky aromas from the best coffees in Central and South America and Africa. Selected, organically grown beans mature without artificial nutrients and pesticides.

The delicious aromas of coffee blend emerge best in the coffee roast choice 2. The taste of this 100% arabica coffee blend is created from the beginning at roastery in Vuosaari, Helsinki.

  • Roast Level 2
  • Flavor: Berry
  • Fine Ground Coffee
  • Net Weight: 4,4 kg (155,20 oz)
  • Best Before: in stock only fresh products
  • Manufacturer: Oy Gustav Paulig Ab (Finland)
  • EAN code: 6411301169886

For more information, please visit manufacturers website.

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